Monday, July 7, 2008

Stage One - "Entering Nightmare" stage


a) One week into buying my SECOND multi-meter in 6 months, it has, once again, been thieved with no trace. So, back down to B & Q for -another- one. These things aren't cheap, especially when you are on the third one. This time I'm leaving it in the car.

b) I can't seem to see my Halfords screwdrivers which are good at not stripping the tops of screws, so that's handy.


Anyway, much like Friday evening, the car is starting but ... yes okay, you should know the story by now.

I've been pointed in the direction of the IPS (or is that ISC)/MPS. Allegedly, these mean 'Idle Speed Control' and 'Motor Position Sensor' - the latter of which is the sensor for the IPS motor, or ISC? I think the MPS is also called a TPS ... 'Throttle Position Sensor'...

So it's a good idea to check this:

Actually, I've also been pointed in the direction of possibly having the wrong injectors. Apparently 1987 2.0l injectors are different to 1988 2.0l injectors. They even have different colours to differentiate ... sometimes ... or sometimes they don't. So you have to get the injectors off an identical car if you are buying second hand. I have 2.6l injectors. It's doubtful they're doing any good and just adding problems to all the other problems, like the ISC not being set-up correctly, or there being a bit of carbon deposit on the 'clip' (ie. 'connector').

So we could have a car that cannot find an rpm to idle at because the ISC isn't set up and/or the primary injector is or isn't providing enough fuel or something? There also could be faults with grounds being knackered, or sediment in the fuel tank which may have knocked the original injectors out.

When I bought the car, I was warned on the advert, that this car is a nightmare. I was warned when I turned up, with a sort of half laugh (like a 'when you said you'd shagged your dog, I didn't think you were actually serious?' laugh), that the car = 'it's going to be a nightmare you know'. I was then warned once again about the similarity to a sleep induced horror scenario I was about to encounter after I handed over my money.
My actual first thoughts were 'the wiring looks dodgy, I'll solder those four wires, and she'll be running like a dream'. I felt cocky, as I thought I was getting a bargain. Everyone warned me.

Two weeks later, and I'm starting to dread hooking up my eighth multi-meter with my bloody, worn hands on a cold December afternoon, while the icy wind scoops up more of my grease stained internet print-outs, and blow them down the road, and I slip of the spanner and my knuckles collide with the block, etc. I've made progress, but it's still a non-runner. And I've had it round the block, but I still don't know what's wrong with it.

So, for some reason, I've ordered a new Coolant Temperature Sensor, and a Throttle Body Gasket which arrive in Mitsubishi/Gallagher's in Wirral at 10 am tommorow morning. I've taken the 'that might not work, so I'll replace it' method. It actually could be the CTS, but it's highly unlikely it isn't as it doesn't operate the same way as the Vauxhalls do (the CTS is the source of all problems on those - scratch on the bumper, it'll be your CTS!)

I can't do it this month, but depending on price, I am going to buy a pair of injectors brand new from the same place according to the chassis number so I can at least feel confident I'm not taming some wild stallion that is just out to kick the shit out of anything that moves. I hear they're very, very, very, very, very, (etc.) expensive, and could maybe cost more than I paid for the actual car. They might not, but I'm on good information that they could cost an obscene amount of money, which might put the car on a bit of a pause while I remortgage my kidneys.


Akira said...

Hmmm... Whats the point in using your chassis number to order injectors, when the car has had a new engine? The cars new engine may have '88 spec injectors, and the car may originally have had '86 spec injectors. That would be a waste of big dollar.

Jibijib said...

Definitely same engine! Lalalalalaalalalalala, I can't hear you, lalalalalalalalalalalalalalal.