Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I received my first ticket today!!

I wasn't even driving it. Some c*nting job's worth planted a sticker on the car, which is taxed and MOT'd (and still on Totopop's trade insurance) for the heinous crime of:

"Reg. not conf. to regulations'

He must've been too busy as he has used punctuation to shorten his infant school scrawl. I think he means: "The registration plate is chavvy". There, it took me 3 seconds to write that.
So what this means is my perfectly readable numberplate, which was on the car I just bought, and is not being in use, while meeting the general criteria of being on the road (even though it's not in use!), will get it confiscated and crushed if I do not pay the 30 pounds fine within 14 days.

There is nice, dark place where they can stick this Fixed Penalty Notice. Up their AR$EHOLES. And it'll give them something to do retrieving it, instead of scoping the area for victimless 'crimes' such as this one. Jesus christ!

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