Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nearly there - 5th July 2008

I've included here a vid of the engine running, no problems at all, a bit of whitish smoke, a little spot of mayonnaise on the oil cap, just running it in - I think the fact there was little coolant in the engine may have had something to do with? The CTS wasn't grounding? Dunno, it's running fine now, apart from conking out (luckily) a few metres in front of my mum's house, but unlike last time, it ran fine shortly afterwards. I floored it, and it conked out!

I have narrowed it down to maybe an ECU or control relay problem, possibly a grounding fault? There is an erratic ticking noise from the control relay - which results in erratic idling and fueling, (which could be a receiving or transmitting fault), I'll have to look at it, it's intermittent, which means something is loose or whatever. I've arranged the ECU/CR, and it seems to make a difference. Going to remount the CR anyway.

Here's a video of the engine in full swing.

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