Saturday, July 12, 2008


I replaced the throttle body gasket and coolant today - coolant was orange, previous owners obviously just used water. Gave it a good blast with the hose, and used some proper coolant and de-ionised water. It's still having problems, so have decided to stick a replacement engine in there at some point AFTER I've put the proper injectors in. It's not liking something, two things maximum are not doing what it should. There is only so much you can tinker with, and it makes sense to spend 500 quid on a working engine with new gaskets and belts, and a recon turbo. If the injectors cure it, fine, but with regard to more head-scratching - I'm not interested anymore, and there is no real source of information for these cars.

The AA man said last night the Achilles heal with these cars is the engine is on steroids (he helped his mate get his on the road). I think he meant it's not matched well with the turbo. He said it's a little engine trying to be a V8. I do think it's time to renew it, regardless of the replacement it had 14 months ago. You don't know what kind of driver it has had in the past, and looking at the coolant, I think I can guess. I'd never be that apathetic with an engine. I don't have any plans to upgrade anything on the car, I like it the way it is, and the surprise on the AA guy's face when he found out it was completely standard.

I was thinking of getting rid, and getting a Mitsubishi Sapporo or a mid 80's Nissan 300ZX, but think I'll keep hold of it.

ALSO, went down to the MGF, in order to loosen some of those rusted bolts (job one on the list). Managed a couple, and then just sacked it off, wasn't in the mood! Rover used a combination of iron, salt, and water when casting these bolts, everyone is perished, while the surrounding area is fine. In comparison, my Astra, the one I always moan about has given me a few moments, but has pretty much been solid and reliable.

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