Saturday, July 12, 2008


Car wouldn't start, with new battery or fuel. Not sure what was up with it. Replaced the Coolant Temperature Sensor. AA was called out. He claimed it wasn't overfuelling, as he couldn't smell fuel - he went round the back and then claimed he could smell fuel on turn over. It was also getting spark. Was it overfuelling? It was still spurting out that black soot. Will position a blow torch and give it a few blips.

He towed me along while I had it in second, to clear out the cylinders. After about 400 yards, the car burst into life. I took it down the motorway and hit 80 mph quite easily. I would've pushed it further, if I were not being followed by the recovery truck and my dad in his Fiat Bravo. :)
I felt the car needed some severe punishment, so when it inevitably attempted to cut fuel, or whatever it does, I floored it to red line, and it seemed to clear it. The boost gauge was doing it's thing again. Finished up at 1am.

Tommorow, check possible dry joints on 'Ignitor', and other bits!

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