Friday, July 11, 2008

Parts Race

Here's a graph (late peak is creating humourous, but crappy early 90's graph):

Left work at 4.37pm for to head into Sandycroft, Deeside's 'Gallagher's Of Mitsubishi' and pick up my:
  • Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Throttle Body Gasket
Exit from work was busy. Got a fairly clear run, before meeting the dreaded A57 roadworks traffic which was 1.5 miles long. My Tom Tom was telling me I would arrive at Deeside by 5.05pm.
I was greeted with more than enough of that flashing stream of red lights, and general slow-ness in the sea of crappy, injection moulded rep mobiles. I followed a Golf weaving through the traffic, as he seemed to know the quick bits.

By the time I entered North Wales, it was 5.15pm, and I was getting a 5.26pm prediction from ol' Tom Tom, and that's without taking more roadworks into consideration. I couldn't miss this AGAIN! To cut to the chase, I got there at 5.27pm, and got my stuff.

I arrived back at my folk's house to the sight of this!

If you can recollect the previous night's adventure, of course, my car was sat five miles away, in a side road. I have a plan to take my car up to the Starion. Put my Astra's battery in. Attempt to drive Starion back to Gan's house. Walk back up (with dog, it'll kill two birds with one stone), drive Astra back to Gan's house. Ponder driving Starion back to mum's house.

Here are my parts I'm hoping to fit sometime this weekend. I'm planning on returning it to either Gan's or my mum's house tonight, so won't be working on it, though I may put the new CTS in. Money is running out, so no more parts or super unleaded to go in, so I won't be trying any more journeys and new parts out for a while now.

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