Saturday, July 5, 2008

It starts - 4th July 2008

I received the parts - from a 2.5 engine (read 2.6).
I hastily put them on the car assuming it would start on the button, assuming the problem was with the parts i had just replaced, assuming there was nothing wrong with the car prior to it failing on the injector and coil. This was 8am in the morning, and the postie had just dropped off the parts at my ma's house. By 9am, I was getting spark and fuel, but it wasn't getting that bite to start it. Examination revealed the gasket between the throttle body was knackered and I thought it's never going run on fuel and water, so got another shower and headed off to work.

I spent some of the day buying gasket sheeting and making a rather crappy throttle body gasket. I knew this was the problem, so wanted to test my horrible creation out.

Arriving back at my ma's home, I got at it again - I wired the coil up correctly this time, and found new homes for the missing wires, and put my new gaskety thingy on. 5 minutes, it started in a plume of blue smoke! Not allowing any load at all, but at least voltage had found it's way to the spark plugs. It was even able to move on it's own steam (which is what it felt like), off the drive and onto it's new home, the bit road of next to the pavement.

More messing about this time, I thought about making an appearance at home, but returned 2 hours later with an assistant to keep the accelerator going. More rubbish this time, it won't take load, and more blue smoke. :( I got the timing gun out, and pretended to turn the dizzy about to see any difference, but not a lot. I left it for the night - I had a bottle of cider while sitting in the front garden, like a homey.

Here's some nice pics of the interior, which is awesome!!

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