Sunday, July 6, 2008

The beginnning - 6th July 2008

I hate the fact that there are seized screws bolts in my car. Every single one on the TB has seized and I doubt I'd have been able to sleep tonight at the thought of it, so I removed each and everyone, but not without a little disaster! While using light taps of a hammer/chisel on a particular screw, I went straight through the frigging TB! At least it wasn't my hand!

With everything finally off, and cleaned everything (carbon, oil, etc) up with Winn's Carb/Injection Cleaner and grease every orifice and moving part on the TB. The previous accident was replaced with the old base, and everything was assembled together with new bolts.

The gasket had also, er, 'perished'. To say the gasket would've been 'okay', would've been an insult to the entire heritage of engineering...

Here's what the official Mitsubishi Throttle body gasket looks like:

And here's what the official Mitsushitty Throttle Body Gasket looks like:

What was I thinking?! While probably not letting any coolant through, I doubt it was doing what it was supposed to do, as it was partially obscuring some of the cavities, and god knows what else.

Previous to all this malarky, I was squirting Carb Cleaner into various pipes, and took a video of the the throttle during engine running and after it cuts out. I'm not sure if it should be doing this with the engine NOT running? The car cuts out at 00.50 and it starts dancing like a worm in traction at 00.56.
... not sure what to do now, other than wait for a new gasket and Coolant Temp Sensor. I've been told to flush the whole fuel system and put new filters in, which is a good idea.

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