Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Here is the MGF which is now owned by my girlfriend, which she has named 'Ruby' (due to it's colour ... red).
This was purchased in August last year. It was a recovered car, which had been abandoned by someone fleeing debts and bailiffs (not a Steve McQueen in 'The Getaway' kind of fleeing), in a secure residential car park. It had presumably been sat under a torrent of rainwater, as the front off-side corner is suffering from some rust damage, which has failed it's MOT, due to it's proximity of the seat belt anchorage. The MOT tester put his intrument through the sill. I hadn't noticed this, but did when he brought two pages of red paper after testing it.

It has failed so far on:

  • Hydragas dampers deflated - suspension too low!
  • Sill needs replacing - mount points in danger of being near to rust!
  • Brake pipes need replacing
  • Handbrake cable needs replacing
  • Possible new plate metal on suspension mount
  • New wishbone balljoint
I think that's it. When you write it down, it isn't too bad, a couple of day's work. The car really is very nice to drive, and it feels safe enough. I liked it a lot when I drove it to and back the MOT centre, even up and down the motorway, MR config cars feel totally stable.

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