Friday, July 11, 2008

spawn die spawn die spawn die spawn die

Patch of black just from the exhaust. It's only this way over 3000 rpmAnother day, another problem.
Car wouldn't hold idle properly, at one point it shot up to 7000rpm before I turned it off.
The spray of black soot coming from the exhaust was interesting as well. It had never done that before, and I was starting to get complacent with the same old thing, I'm glad it's catching me off guard with random faults. The soot is water (?), which quickly evaporates (?), and leaves a black powder, which can only be removed with a brush and soapy water. Been told it's overfuelling. It only sprays over 3000 rpm, which is when the secondary injector kicks in ...
Before settling down as usual, I took it out and broke down five miles from my mum's house at 22.30. Brilliant!

I bought some really thick earthing cable from Maplin. I'm told it's £3.50 for a metre. I asked for 2m of black cable for 7 pounds, I got red cable. No I want black, he then brings brown and says 'it's sort of black'. Then I'm told it's 7 quid for a metre. Argh. It looks nice and clean though. Look at the difference between old and new. I can use "jump lead" cable, which is less pretty.

  • Main grounding position
  • Old ground connector
  • 12mm wire and battery eyelet connectors
  • Old wire and new wire
Hooked it up with big eyelets from Halfords (2 for 2 quid - bargain as usual ...). Cleaned up ECU connector, cleaned up a lot of things with a file and carb cleaner. ECU inside was missing a screw which earthed it to the body. Thought this would matter, but it didn't.

Here's where the boost gauge holds (photo on the left), and doesn't move. Tonight, it freed up without cutting out (photo on the right). It generally holds no boost at this level. The picture on the right is just feathering the accelerator.

Will leave work early tommorow regardless and pick up CTS, it's overfuelling, and it needs sorting. When I realise that's not the problem, I will take everything off the engine - manifolds, turbo, hoses, sensors, everything that can be unbolted.

I've nearly run out of ideas, but it might be:
  • CTS
  • Random damaged wire
  • Wastegate solenoid
  • ECU is shot (there was a bit of water on the connector)

So kiddies, it's overfuelling and it's cutting out. Are the two linked?
I'm now going to head back to my mum's house were my Astra is, as I need it for work - it's 00.20.

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