Sunday, August 17, 2008


I finally got a Boost Sensor, or MAP Sensor ... actually, I got one off a local Starion user, and two more off someone in Australia, along with three Knock Sensors/E101 Ingitor units.
Bear in mind, THIS WAS DEFINATELY THE PROBLEM with the car. I eagerly plumbed it into the vacuum hose and the connector, and got it running. A few laps around the block and a quick trip to the petrol station to fill up with Super Unleaded and everything seemed fine.
It was until I arrived at the same place it always cuts out (a left turn at the top of a hill), it cut out. Same thing, same place, same problem. It's not the sensor.

A couple of things since then have pushed me towards getting a new engine for the car. To be honest, I have about 20% of the passion to get it back on the road as I had when I bought the car. I suspect the problem is with the ECU, but try getting an ECU for realistic money, so the person I bought the sensor from is breaking a car near me. The second thing is, if you hadn't noticed, the engine is knackered. It spits water and soot from the exhaust, it varies from white, to black, to blue smoke on start up, which then disappears before it cuts out, it has sooted up new spark plugs, and for some reason, gauged a bit cut along the length of the cam belt. I can live with this fiendish overfuelling, but the cutting out thing is impossible to live with. I will try the ECU just to confirm my suspicions.

I now have a plan - I plan to take a week off start from Friday 22nd August.
I will buy engine prior to this, pick engine, ECU and alloys up on weekend.
Try ECU.
Car breaks down, because it's some wiring problem ...
... but in theory, it will be the ECU, and then drive it round until the overfuelling destroys the engine, at which point I will replace it with the new one!

I will keep you informed of the progress

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