Saturday, August 30, 2008

The car that doesn't want to be driven

I won my ebay engine crane, and managed to drive out and pick it up on a Tuesday afternoon. It's incredible I thought I'd be driving this car round on a Sunday evening and then be going on a short holiday during the week. Neither of which happened, because,
  1. My car is a cunt
That's it, no further points. It has got to a stage where it's just making problems to piss me off - I'm totally sure I don't even want to drive it anymore, there is not an ounce in me that is eager to drive it to and from work everyday, or even go to the shop to buy some KY Jelly for it to rape me up the arse again.
I changed the engines over in two hours. I then spent two days getting the gearbox lined up and bolted up (which has to come out again due to somehow damaging the clutch fork in the gearbox). Another day connecting everything and realising the same problems existed as previous, it can't idle and can't take any load. It's a fuelling problem (yawn). The slave cylinder on the gearbox for the clutch has also imploded. I change the filter and it runs until I decide to change the cylinder for a new (expensive) one, which doesn't work, and then I presume the filter gets blocked again and I have to spend more of my life working to pay to replace parts that last 15 minutes in this fucking wretched heap. It would piss me off to see someone getting their hands on this car and getting it driving thanks to putting a pipe on somewhere, which is why it's not dismissed from my life, and I don't have space to dismantle and sell the parts, so I am stuck with it. The two things that scare me is the time taken on car (99% of day/evenings free) and money spent - just over £1500 so far.

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