Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have been away from the computer a bit. This is due to finding a job etc.

However, I am now back at the Starion - it's even up in the air with the gearbox out! I also have sold the Corolla and bought an MR2 mk1 - this has had 1/2 the work done already. It needs a bit of welding, and I'm not sure if it's worthy of the scrapyard at the end of the MOT (this month).
The MGF even passed it's MOT! Hurrah!

Unfortunately, it's bad news with the Locost Seven and the black Astra. I have decided the Seven has to absolutely go, and am selling it either complete or in bits, if I can manage to not get messed around with potential buyers. The black has to go as well unless I come into money asap.

I have a new forum!

It's called Old Mitsubishi Owner's Forum! This is to add support to non-existant UK support base! See you soon!

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