Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas! FAIL

Unfortunately, the MGF DIDN'T pass it's MOT yesterday.
After spending nearly 800 quid on parts (the latest of which were brand new rear calipers at 100 quid each), it failed on:
  • Lower arm mounting point on sill still corroded
  • Handbrake still under efficency
  • Steering arm ball joint had play
Including advisories on:

  • Tyre worn
  • Tyre worn
  • Rear disc scored
So, everything is cured, apart from the things I didn't fix! It's odd that they didn't pick up the advisories from the last MOT? It's a frustrating and random experience MOT's, the testers are either incompetent or just Hitlers. The handbrake should've been cured, I couldn't even push the car with it on (opposed to my dad's Fiat which could), and the sill being welded etc still needs attention? Must be somewhere else.
I have further ordered new parts and will get welding that sill again! Really wanted it ready by xmas, but never mind.

I'm going to try and put the Starion into a garage and get that sorted as well, or get the Astra sorted.

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