Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tramp's pee

After everything is all bolted up, I am left with a bag of bolts and nuts (maybe from the old engine?), and a single pipe sticking out from the fuel tank ... where does this go? I haven't got a clue! I'm hoping it's just a vent pipe, but I don't fancy having this spurting petrol in case I roll it in some crazy situation! It has to go somewhere!
I also bound the old clutch slave cylinder, so put the new one in. The fork repair paid off, and the clutch is now HOW IT SHOULD BE. That's one job crossed out for definite.

The car is still running like shite. I believe the yellow petrol has something to do with it ... I will get the lot out and put new stuff in there. I can't remember how it got in there - it has a yellowish tinge, and I believe it's what is making it run like poo. High octane cars might not like slightly contaminated petrol. :)

All that needs to be done now is:

  1. Flush petrol out and put new in
  2. Repair front wing
  3. Put brass washers on slave cylinder pipe (it's leaking)

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